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Evonne77]] 17:37, June 6, 2011 (UTC)The Hunt...the hunt depents on what species is being hunted...Alien, Humans, or other Clans..predator's are changing some evolving predator are hunting predators...

The best hunts are the ones that young predators wait for ...always in three, no more no less this is the time to be blooeded take their place among the older blooded members..and the Elders...they show their pride and be marked this is the day they work hard for...Female's who are chosen to be blooded have the same chance and hunt the same species...The elders deside what will be hunted.

The young predators pick the weapons they will fight with unless the elders decided

different...If the hunt is a Queen no lock on weapon is permitted... to save face...!

The best hunt is A Bug hunt...Blooding is a ritual that dates back to the very early days of yautja history. It involves the leader of a hunt to take a member of the kill... a young Yautja's first honourable kill, when they show they are good enough to join the yautja elite. The leader puts his mark between the eyes of the student. Afterwards the yautja is held in high regard and is allowed to hunt humans.