" YAUTJA"made up of different classifications, including blooded and un-blooded...males and some female's

Unblooded - About 35% of male yautja are unblooded.
Blooded - About 25% of male yautja are blooded.
Retirees - About 25% of male yautja are retirees, yautja who have fought their time and now are too old and honoured to hunt. Females come under this section ..but I think females should be given more attention ...

Then you have adjudicators...who are they..? admin and law yautja.. but like females not looked on as much seen as 'not real yautja' so about 13% of Yautja are adjudiucators..

Also in the predator society their justice system shows that crime is very low. About 2% of yautja are bad bloods. These are sentenced to death or escaped if they are lucky...


SPECIES: Probably reptillian
HEIGHT: Between 220 and 280 cms, with variations
WEIGHT: Between 100 and 200 kilograms
AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: Around 350 years
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Large head with four mandibles, small mouth inside, long braided hair, light brown to green to purple skin, females have red braids with rings inside them extremely developed musclerature. males are developed in same maner...

TEMPRAMENT: Aggressive, females very aggressive because of family orientated..
PREFERRED CLIMATE: Hot, around 60 degrees celcius

INTELLIGENCE: Very high; more than humans :)

HABITAT: Nomadic hunting parties, homeworld is existant but unknown location

FEMALES: larger than males..